Traumatology and orthopaedics: rehabilitation after an arthritis and arthrosis

Many people experience pain in the joints, which makes their life much more difficult. This is signal of developing inflammation and joint destruction. Incorrect and untimely treatment may result in severe consequences, up to developing a disability. The most wide spread reasons for pain in the joints include arthrosis and arthritis.

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joint that may develop at any age. Arthrosis is a chronic disease of the joints related to the destruction on the cartilage tissue and its deformation, which limits the capabilities of a human. The disease is typical for persons older than 40 years old. The most widespread types of arthrosis are arthrosis of the knee joint and of the coxofemoral joint.


  • Impaired joint mobility
  • Pain upon loading and at rest
  • Sense of tightness in the whole body, especially after waking up
  • Inflammation, swelling, temperature increase in the inflammation area
  • General fatigue


  • Pain upon movement and physical loading
  • Crackling in the joints

The main reasons of developing arthrosis are traumas of various severity, congenital dysplasia of the joints, arthritis, excessive physical loading, hormonal imbalance, metabolism disorders. High risk of developing pain in the joints is shown for people with sedentary lifestyle, spinal diseases, excess weight, for elderly persons.

In case of developing such signs it is necessary to consult your physician. The main goal in the treatment of joints – helping the patient to regain freedom of motion, relieve the pain and let the patient return to the lifestyle he is used to.

Our center provides professional aid in the conservative treatment of joints and rehabilitation services using international protocols (standards).

For each patient, using a comprehensive diagnostics approach, we develop an individual combined program of treatment and rehabilitation, including the following:

  • intra-articular injections
  • physiotherapy procedures:
    • Electrostatic and oscillatory massage using the “Elgos” equipment
    • Lymph draining massage using the “Lympha Press Optimal” device
    • Ultrasonic therapy using a combined set of equipment “INTELECT Advanced Color Combо”
    • Paraffin therapy
    • Electrotherapy using low-intensity impulse currents using a combined set of equipment “INTELECT Advanced Color Combо”
    • Electromyostimulation using the “Chattanooga Wireless Pro: device.
  • Massage techniques

If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, trauma or you have risk factors for developing joint diseases, arrange an appointment to our specialist by filling the feedback for or via the telephone +7 (495) 191-16-29.

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