Costs of services - Interdisciplinary rehabilitation center

Dear patients.

We are glad to offer You complex programs of rehabilitation, created for your comfort and based on our experience (over 2000 patients). Such solutions can help achieving the rehabilitation objectives, saving you efforts and resources.

  • you pay one day of rehabilitation for a special price, with the same rehabilitation day costs much more according the list of prices
  • the cost of a single rehabilitation day is fixated during the whole treatment course

Are you ready to begin rehabilitation?

Send your information about a patient to e-mail address

  • recent medical documents containing the physician’s conclusions on the patient status
  • short video to evaluation the level of consciousness
  • description of the rehabilitation goals you want to achieve

The medical consulting specialist will call you for the purpose of confirming the details and your expectations, current status of the patient and selecting the proper rehabilitation program from the ones described below.

*Possible additional costs:

  • transportation to the center (transfer services)
  • skin and wound care
  • accommodation of relatives
  • accommodation of relatives
  • diagnostics (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, consultations of other specialists)
  • personal attending nurse
  • medication therapy
  • blood tests

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